Create your own exercise challenge

1) Select the challenge medal from the menu, tap the + symbol.

2) Select the type of challenge you would like to create.

You can choose from a step, run, cycle, swim or points challenge, and game-based challenges like survivor and chaser.

3) Choose a personal image and icon by tapping the + symbol.

4) Select your goal for the challenge.

Remember, you want the challenge to be inclusive of everyone that is participating. Therefore, it is best to keep the challenge goal to an average target. For a weekly step challenge, we recommend 70,000 steps. For a weekly points challenge, we recommend 100 Fuell points.

5) Set the start date and end date of the challenge.

6) Set challenge name and give a brief description.

We recommend something that will be easily recognisable by your colleagues.

7) Tap create.

Invite Colleagues

Once the challenge is created, it is time to invite your colleagues.

1) Once the challenge is created, hit the share symbol creating a unique challenge link.

2) Share the link with your colleagues via SMS, email or WhatsApp.

3) When you send the link, whoever you invite will need to open the link and follow to join your challenge.

4) If they are yet to download Fuell, they will be prompted to do so.


Track progress of your challenge via the leaderboard. Click into the challenge, tap the trophy icon in the top right of the screen, and you can see how everyone is doing.

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