Joining a challenge

If you join a challenge after the start date – Fuell can pick-up your history and back date your activity progress - So you don’t miss out!

Changing your selected tracker for a challenge

Fuell does not support mixed trackers currently. For example, if you signed up with Apple Health as your primary trackers, but later change to Fitbit, you won’t be able to benefit from both Fitbit and Apple Health in one challenge.

 To change your step tracker during a challenge, first update your primary tracker > ☰ > Connect Apps. 

Select the step challenges you have previously joined, leave the challenge, and re-join with your new step tracker.

Leaving a challenge

If you would like to leave a challenge, click into the challenge, scroll to bottom and tap ‘Leave Challenge’.


You have 96 hours to sync your tracker after the challenge finishes for activity to count.

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